Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lucy Chadwick for Zara

I am continuing my love of video this week and this video of Lucy Chadwick sharing a glimpse in to her life on Zara's You Tube video channel is refreshing.  I grew up in country Australia and the wide open spaces give me a sense of clarity.  If you watch Lucy Chadwick's video you will understand what I mean!  The final scene of the video is where I like to be after a long day.

You can see Zara's You Tube channel here

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Amazing Karl

Net a Porter
The one and only Karl Lagerfeld has just launched his new clothing line on Net a Porter and it's amazing!  It's a small collection filled with the most fabulousness of Karl- glitter collars, leather gloves, crisp white shirts and an amazing sequin jacket that I am absolutely in love with.  The cut of the jacket is amazing and the vent on the back is a beautiful finish.  This jacket is exactly what I am looking for, if only I could splurge!  Net a Porter always do an amazing job at interacting with consumers and they have not failed this time.  To promote the collection, Net a Porter have created a video of Karl interviewing himself!  It is hilarious!  Karl's humour really shines through and I laughed the entire way!  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A little quality time

We were lucky to spend New Years Eve in Paris with a group friends

This weekend is going to be filled with much laughter and smiles, and many red wines.  Two of my friends, are coming to visit me and we are going to have a fantastic weekend catching up!  One of my friends I have known since I was 5 years old and we were even born in the same hospital at around the same time exactly one week apart.  We spent our entire schooling years together from prep to year 12 and then she moved to London at 19.  Although she eventually moved back to Australia, it was around that time that I then moved away to America and then to London.  Even worlds apart we stayed friends and over the past couple years somehow have managed to travel to exotic places together!  I am so excited to see her this weekend and just can't wait to give her a massive hug!

Friday, January 27, 2012

H&M iPad App

I downloaded the H&M iPad application the other day and have been watching copious amounts of video footage on it.  No matter what website I'm surfing I will generally always watch the videos on them.  It always takes me away to a mystical world and if only for a couple minutes I am totally drawn in to their story.  In particular, I love watching interviews with stylists, head office staff or designers and always seem to draw some sort of inspiration from them which is why I am going cross eyed from watching too much H&M TV!

Even if you don't have an iPad you can watch these videos on YouTube.  Today my favourite Spring Key Looks.  Ann- Sofie Johansson, the head designer for H&M cultivates her favourite looks for the coming spring.  I can't believe the spring collections are out already!

From H&M You Tube

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm crushing on...

I am loving these two body suits from ASOS.  I'm placing my order right now!  The neck line on the first one is delightful and the mesh will definitely add a little va va voom to any outfit! I'm thinking my ballerina skirt and ballet flats will be getting a little more wear with these two in my closet.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vera's Rockin' it!

Have you seen the story on Harpers Bazaar online with Vera Wang showing off her Los Angeles home?  She is also showing off her rockin' body!  Vera Wang is 62 years old and has the body of 40 year old.  She looks incredible!  I can see why she bought this amazing Los Angeles property too- look at that view.

Photo's from Harpers Bazaar

That's how the Venetian's roll...

The lifestyle in Venice is very different to Australia and London and one thing I noticed in particular were the little coffee shops and bars, although they were not your usual bars.  In this case the shops were more take away food places where they cooked fabulous home made sandwiches and calzones, pizza's and pita's but they also stocked just about every spirit and liqueur you could imagine!  It is custom for locals to stop by, order a glass of something strong, enjoy it for 5 or 10 minutes and then be on their way.  I was in ordering a pita when I first noticed it, that and the older gentleman behind the counter was trying to coerce me in to drinking something!

Day Dreaming...

I've been back a day and I'm already day dreaming...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The other Leonardo exhibition

While the National Gallery of London is about to wrap up what is supposed to be an amazing exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci (I was never able to get tickets to go) while he was a painter at the Court of Milan there  is also another exhibition on... in Venice.  At a small church in a small square there is an exhibition of Da Vinci's drawings of mechanical equipment and wooden examples of each.  I was wandering around the city and thought I was in the middle of nowhere when I stumbled across a poster out the front of a church.  Behind a black curtain lay examples of what some would call Da Vinci's greatest achievements.  I was truly astounded at the variety of examples on show and the technicality of them all for a period so many centuries ago.  This is why Da Vinci is my favourite Renaissance Man.  They even had a full scale example of his wings made for humans!

Da Vinci's Wings!

Da Vinci's Parachute and Bicycle
One of the things I found most interesting was his war tactics.
If you look closely you can see the tactic for defending the
town walls by pushing the ladders away from the wall with
a pulley system.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Max & Co.

While in Venice I wandered the streets aimlessly taking photos and looking at the architecture and noticed so many store windows that impressed me.  Max & Co. was one of them as I noticed 2 striking winter coats in the window.  The layout itself wasn't far from a traditional merchandising window but the coats themselves are what caught my eye.  The two tone, colour blocking and fur stole of one and the sweeping shoulder collar of the other made me stand and stare for a good 5 minutes!  I can just imagine wearing them with my skinny jeans, riding boots and statement necklace!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Venetian getaway

I'm yet to post on the major life changes which have been happening in my life of late, and I will get there I just need to wrap my head around them first before I can actually explain them!  So instead of thinking about what I should be thinking about I went to Venice and I'm in love with this city.  I have been to Venice before but I think last time I was so in awe and acting like a tourist that I missed all the little things and this time they are coming to life!

Sunday Sessions

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meryl Streep... Wonder Woman

While perusing Vogue magazine online I was particularly taken with this behind the scenes video of Meryl Streep's cover shoot.  Obviously Meryl is in the press more lately with her portrayal of Maggie Thatcher in The Iron Lady and used the press to highlight an important issue for the woman seen in this photo; The National Women's History Museum in America.  It's a touching story and Meryl is using her 'star power' as one says to bring the museum alive.  I think it's a beautiful photo of women uniting and I am a little shocked actually that there is no women's museum in America.  Let's hope Vogue gets behind this cause too as I'm sure they would feature in the museum.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Dreaming...

The Coveteur- Coco Chanel's Apartment

I can't believe I missed this earlier this month.  The Coveteur visited Coco Chanel's apartment!  What a spectacular day it must have been for those covering the story, a true once in a life time opportunity.  I am incredibly jealous!  Follow the link here to their website and check it out.  I've gone through the photos 3 times already and think I'll go over them again, just a couple more times.  They're amazing!

From The Coveteur

From The Coveteur

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Blitz 1940's

Have you been to a Blitz Party yet?  If you live in London you definitely need to get yourself there!  The Blitz Party is one of the best vintage themed nights out you will have, and one that is thoroughly authentic.  Check out the video on their website to get in to the swing of things (pardon the pun)! 

The cocktail menu was a ration book
My British Patriotism!
Village Underground
Amazing outfits, my friends!
My best friend acting as traffic controller!
The Swing Band

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A little Emma Stone

I absolutely adored Emma Stone's dress yesterday at the Golden Globes and googled her previous gowns, all of which I could have described for you before googling them!  Every time she steps on to the red carpet I seem to pay attention. I love how bold she is with her colour choices. The Lanvin gown she wore yesterday is amazing for her shape and although would looking a sack on me, Emma rocks it! 

Photos from Fan Pix and Google

The Golden Globes 2012

I've just finished watching the Golden Globe Awards and must say that there were only a few dresses I absolutely loved.  The globes are a lead up to the Oscars and pave the way for winners and also gowns, or so they say.  My favourites were Emma Stone and Claire Danes who wore such chic and effortless gowns.

There seemed to be trend forming on the red carpet too- emerald green!

Shailene Woodley looked stunning for such a young actress.  I can't wait to see The Descendents.

And who could forget the adorable dog from The Artist!  Love him in his bow tie!

All photos taken from OMG!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Candice Bergen

I stumbled across some photos on Pin Interest of Candice Bergen and had to show them to you.  Candice is absolutely breathtaking, the epitome of the classic American woman.  Beautiful.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Miu Miu moment

As I do every morning I checked my emails when I woke up and saw my daily Net a Porter email featuring my favourite designers.  Today, Miu Miu absolutely blew my breath away.  It was their blush pink strapless swim suit that caught my eye and when I browsed their selection on Net a Porter there were a multitude of things I almost added to my basket!  I was very surprised to see that Miu Miu actually size up to 50.  When previously I would have drooled over something and clicked the back button knowing unconsciously that my size was not available, I fully contemplated buying it today!  It might be a bit of a mix but all of the below would fit perfectly in to my wardrobe and receive the utmost love and attention!

All available from Net a Porter

Happy Friday!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Browsing Brick Lane

My last Sunday living in London was spent at Spitalfields Markets and Brick Lane and I must say that I was very restrained!  It was a lovely winters day out and the market wasn't as crowded as it can get in summer so we just browsed the stalls and ate yummy food!  I am going to miss you Spitalfields!

I love this idea of lampshade together

How effective is the painted theatre curtains on the window?

I love this merchandising idea
As soon as we walked past this shop I stood and stared at the TV's.

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