Wednesday, February 29, 2012

C'est Magnifique

Browsing Anthropologie I came across this fabulous wallpaper print inspired by the gondolas of Venice, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and London's double decker buses- all of my favourite places!  If only I was decorating my home I would be ordering rolls right now.  I can imagine my study or office plastered with this as a feature wall to keep me inspired everyday and the hope of travelling to far fetched places a not too distant dream.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole: Philanthia

Have you ever walked in to a shop on a whim just to have a browse and then become totally overwhelmed that you can't actually process anything and just walk around in circles?  While in Budapest I encountered such a phenomenon in a little store called Philanthia.  Philanthia was like jumping down the rabbit hole, literally.  The only way I can describe this store is with photographs as there was just so much to absorb and I couldn't possibly attempt to describe all the little details that make this store so fabulous.  Philanthia is a essentially a florist/ gift shop located within a beautiful art noveau building on the main tourist street in Budapest.  The front section is the florist shop and leads in to a small hallway then opens up in to another world.  At the time of my visit Easter was approaching and the store was merchandised with all Easter associated products, however the store had an Alice in Wonderland theme and they certainly embraced this in their merchandising!  

One of the things I loved about Philanthia was the way they maximised space within the store.  Using the drawers of cupboards and dressers as little peek a boo treasure spots was delightful and an effective way to place large amounts of merchandise on the shop floor.  If it's not on the selling floor it won't sell!

The store embrace their theme from head to toe and create a fantasy world by using props such as this tilted table and wooden ladders.  Each of these elements enabled the store you creatively display products and fill gaps such as under the able with wicker baskets full of toys.  Even the steps on the display ladder held little frog princes.

The use of large scale rabbits enhance the theme of Alice in Wonderland and give customers the sense they are actually within a story book.  Lighting was everywhere within the store too such as the large steel lamp or the delicate tea pot and tea cup lamp below.

I was enamoured with the idea of using a large gilt frame and attaching a wooden backing with shelves to the frame.  Such a creative way to display products, on top of the frame too.  I will definitely be using this idea in my own house!

In keeping with maximising the space within the shop, Philanthia attached a form of grill to the ceiling and concealed it by decorating in the Easter theme.

As I was browsing a staff member approached me and offered me a basket.  I've worked in various types of retail stores and most recently a luxury brand.  As apart of our image as a luxury brand we always offered customers a basket to help with their shopping.  I was really impressed that a small store ensured their customers received the same treatment as a luxury brand.

This is the entrance to the back of the store from a small hallway.  Just looking at the photograph tell you everything about how carried away in this store I was.  It was breathtaking!  Can you see the three silver barked trunks to the left?  The trunk filled with goodies at the bottom left of the photograph?  If you look in the centre of the photograph you can also see the glass roof built to mimic an outdoor terrace.

All photos taken by me

After all these photos I still wasn't satisfied that I had captured the tranquility or beauty of the store and taped a small section of the store.  The quality on my iphone is great however I'm really disappointed it's not quite clear on the video below.  Still take a look and make sure you have your volume turned up, even if that's all you watch it for you will be as amazed and surprised as I was, I'm sure.  

Monday, February 27, 2012


Day 26:


I feel like I haven't actually blogged in a while, I know I have been posting but everything feels so rushed lately that I haven't had the time to sit down and absorb myself in the process.  I am in the midst of a travel rush!  In the 2 past weeks (which I will eventually blog about!) I have been to Italy to see the awe inspiring Florence, charming Lucca and medieval Siena and at this very moment I am typing in the living room of my old house in London where I have been staying with friends for a few days and tomorrow I will be in America.  Wow!  Even just typing it gets my adrenaline going!  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unknown love

Valentines Day may have been last week but I think we all need a little romance every now and then so I'm continuing the love bug this week!  While in Budapest a couple weekends ago our walking tour guide brought us to this simple yet thoughtful sculpture along the Danube.  The statue of a young girl playing ball with her dog was created only a couple years ago by a local artist.  The artist whom our tour guide was acquainted with had heard the inspiration for the sculpture first hand and passed it on to us.  The artist had been walking the path along the Danube one summer day and saw this young girl with her dog, he was too shy and afraid to approach her but knew immediately it was love at first sight.  She left the path without knowing the artists feelings for her.  He walked the same area day after day hoping she would return, but she never did.  And so, the sculpture is his ode to her and to letting go.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Day 22:
Where I work

I'm crushing on...

On The Outnet they have some incredible sales and this is no exception.  I am totally crushing on these Swarovski crystal jewels by Dannijo.  The necklace seems to drape in the perfect spot too and I have just realised I have a serious addiction to anything that sparkles.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Day Twenty One:
A Favourite Photo of You

Florence Broadhurst


Have you heard of Florence Broadhurst?  I had not until her name randomly appeared on the internet page I was looking at last week and intrigued I did a quick wiki search.   Those heavily in to interior design may know her name but as a layman I knew nothing about her eventful life.  Originally a performer in Australia, Florence moved to the UK, was married then divorced then married again and then moved back to Australia.  At this point Florence Broadhurst began painting landscapes and eventually established a Wallpaper Company which at the time was extremely unique.  A quickly successful venture, her collection contained some 800 designs in 80 different colours by 1972 however, it was only 5 years later that Broadhurst was the victim of murder and the case has never been solved.  Such a tragic story for a very talented lady.  Today you can find Florence Broadhurst's designs here.  

All images from here.
I am absolutely in love with all of the wallpaper designs from Florence Broadhurst (and this is only a taste) and can imagine one in every room of my house.  The first from the Blueprint Collection would offset my wardrobe beautifully while the pure opulence of the third wallpaper gives me shivers.  In the below set the second softer pastel and buttercup colour wallpaper would be delightful in a book alcove.  Heavenly!

All images from here.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Day Twenty:
Something You Ate

The Farm Chicks

One of the things I love about blogs is other peoples favourite reads.  It can lead you to other blogs and more blogs and even more blogs and that is how I found The Farm Chicks.  We know I love videos and sure enough they had one too!  Although their video is advertising my dream heaven- an antique market.  If you enjoy thrifting or junking in the slightest you need to watch this video and if you're like me, try to work out some way to get there!  Even if you don't thrift the video itself is pure excitement, everyone is so happy!

Have a look at their market website too. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bathing in Budapest

My weekend getaway to Budapest in Hungary was absolutely lovely!  As soon as I met up with my friends it was non stop chatter by the girls, devouring amazing food and indulging in Budapest's thermal baths.  Most of the time I walked around with my head looking upwards at the incredible buildings and as predicted took way too many photos!  While I was wandering the city I was overcome with a sense of excitement and I think, reality.  I was so small.  I looked at these buildings that were so imposing and beautiful at the same time and it made me stop and stand still.  On Sunday before leaving we did a walking tour that covered both Pest and Buda and enlightened us a little on Budapest's history.  I feel a little smarter now thanks to Adam our tour guide!  I apologise for the massive amounts of photos too, I just couldn't spare any of them and there were so many more before I settled on these final ones!

Thermal baths

Palace in the background

On Saturday afternoon we headed to the City Park where the Szechenyi Thermal Baths are located and soaked in waters of 39 degrees while it was -8 degrees outside.  It was completely surreal.  The sprint to the baths was seriously cold but as soon as you were submerged it was utterly relaxing.  There were so many people enjoying the baths, young and old and many tourists also!  We timed our visit so that we caught dusk and when the lights turned on around the baths it was magical.  The steam lifted off the water and covered everything so that sometimes you could barely see in front of you. 

Ice sheets floating down the Danube.  Not common apparently!

The courtyard of our hostel

Looking up
All photos taken by me.


Day Fifteen:
With my Aussie number since this was taken with my actual phone

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mischief is in the details

Jason Wu for Target launched last week in the USA and somehow I managed to miss this one so the advertisement is a little late.  I am still going to post it on here though because it's adorable!  The advertisement did it's job- got me on their website to see the entire collection and it's a pity I am not in the USA because I may have actually bought a couple pieces.  How cute is that cat? 


Day 14:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Necessities

In preparation for my Valentine's Day movie night tonight I'm getting together my favourite treats and am going to splurge a little!  I'm going to curl up on the couch, snuggle a blanket and indulge in floral macaroons.  Wine?  Yes, please and from my favourite vintage tea cups of course.



Day 12:
Inside My Closet

Day 13:

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