Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bathing in Budapest

My weekend getaway to Budapest in Hungary was absolutely lovely!  As soon as I met up with my friends it was non stop chatter by the girls, devouring amazing food and indulging in Budapest's thermal baths.  Most of the time I walked around with my head looking upwards at the incredible buildings and as predicted took way too many photos!  While I was wandering the city I was overcome with a sense of excitement and I think, reality.  I was so small.  I looked at these buildings that were so imposing and beautiful at the same time and it made me stop and stand still.  On Sunday before leaving we did a walking tour that covered both Pest and Buda and enlightened us a little on Budapest's history.  I feel a little smarter now thanks to Adam our tour guide!  I apologise for the massive amounts of photos too, I just couldn't spare any of them and there were so many more before I settled on these final ones!

Thermal baths

Palace in the background

On Saturday afternoon we headed to the City Park where the Szechenyi Thermal Baths are located and soaked in waters of 39 degrees while it was -8 degrees outside.  It was completely surreal.  The sprint to the baths was seriously cold but as soon as you were submerged it was utterly relaxing.  There were so many people enjoying the baths, young and old and many tourists also!  We timed our visit so that we caught dusk and when the lights turned on around the baths it was magical.  The steam lifted off the water and covered everything so that sometimes you could barely see in front of you. 

Ice sheets floating down the Danube.  Not common apparently!

The courtyard of our hostel

Looking up
All photos taken by me.


  1. Budapest looks stunning, amazing buildings :)

  2. It looks stunning. I always vaguely wanted to visit Budapest, but I think you've put it firmly on my travel wishlist!


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