Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations to the Happy Couple!

I live in London and I can tell you that for the past month wedding fever has hit most Britons, including a older very patriotic woman whom I work with and this morning when I attended a meeting she was almost bursting with excitement.  Throughout the meeting the wedding was streamed on BBC 1 and all I could hear were cheers of joy and excitement, sometimes from my collegue!  Once finished we all gathered around the computer screen and watched Kate make her entrance in to Westminster Abbey and gracefully walk the 3 minutes down the aisle to her Prince.  When I saw her step from the Roles Royce Phantom and took in her entire wedding dress my heart melted- her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress is certainly one of the most spectacular wedding dresses I've seen and certainly reflects the spring summer trends of 2011 with it's Erdem inspired lace sleeves and Grace Kelly neckline.  Beautiful!

On another note I was completely taken with the transformation of Westminster Abbey.  The couples decision to incorporate live trees and chandeliers was a magnificent touch and made for some astonishing cinematography throughout the broadcast.  As I was typing up this post and watching the wedding from my living room I heard a rumble in the sky to look up out my window and watch the planes fly by after they had flown low over Buckingham Palace- what a treat! I wish the couple all the best and look forward to seeing much more of them!

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Huffington Post

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A small hjatus

Hello my dearest,

It is with much sadness that I will not be posting for a short time.  This week I received devastating news that my maternal grandma had passed and I flew to Australia on the first flight from London I could get on.    As I'm sure you can understand I am spending much time with family and close friends however I was hoping that my reunion with Australia would be under different circumstances.  It actually feels quite surreal to be back in my home land and I don't think I will adjust for the short week I am here before I fly back to London.

Always thinking of you Baba


Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday my friends!  The weather has been glorious in London and I am going to make the most of it this weekend.  For once I have the entire weekend off work and I'm going to spend it picnic-ing in Primrose Hill and wandering the lanes of London. Hope you all have a fabulous one too!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

This can only mean one thing

I spent tonight having a couple drinks with a friend at a local pub in London and when I left the table to visit the ladies room I was surprised and delighted to see the below poster on the back of the toilet door.  Let's keep all judgement aside because taking photos in the bathroom is not the most glamourous of things to do for a post, but I just had to!  Last summer when I arrived in London, and my friends who were already settled in their lives and homes were drinking fancy ciders and red wine I became addicted to Pimms!    But as the weather became colder and winter set in Pimm's was ordered less and less, until now! And I can, because it's spring!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Which one to choose?

Amsterdam was littered with amazing vintage stores and one of the first ones I ventured in to was called Laura Dols and was a haven for delicate lace garments on the first level and the ground level was wall to wall vintage dresses.  My favourite part of the shop was the bookcase of clutches; gold and silver were all I could focus on for a good 10 minutes.  I must have picked up every single one and in the end left without one, it was just too hard to choose

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spiders locked in a room?

I attended another one of my lectures classes this week at the V&A museum and it was quite a unique class in that we had multiple conservators from the V&A talk about their jobs and the work that is done to buy and restore pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes.  At the end of the lecture the conservator for the women's and mens collections brought out original 1950's Christian Dior and Givenchy gowns... fabulous!!  I was sitting towards the back of the class which is why the photos are so far away but as soon as I had the chance I sprinted forward to take some close ups.  They were divine!

It was just before the dresses were revealed that one of my fellow classmates, an older gentleman, described how he keeps his clothes free from insects- with spiders!  In his words, after much frustration trying to keep his clothes beautiful condition and constantly finding insects he purpose built a sealed room in his house with racks for clothing and then unleashed spiders in to the room.  Yes, you are reading this correctly and your astonishment mimics what the rest of my classes was at the time too!  I'm not sure the conservator knew how to deal with the revelation apart from saying that it would be hard to maintain within a museum.  His response was simply that with spiders there are never any other insects in his house. I'll leave it there for you to ponder.


Christian Dior 1950's

The CD boning

Friday, April 01, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today, 41 years ago my parents married in a registry office in Melbourne, Australia.  My Mum had semi eloped with my Dad after she had an argument with her father who informed her the family was moving back to the USA where they had previously lived for many years.  My parents had only been dating a couple months and when they married it had only been 4 months!  Not to mention that my Dad asked my Mum out over the telephone without even meeting her and then proceeded to turn up at her house in black leather and on a motorcycle!  I'm surprised my Grandpa didn't lock her up!  However, romantic their love story was I am always shocked to remember that on their special day my Mum's family were in the USA and her maid of honour was actually my Dad's best friend!

I can't be there to celebrate another milestone with them in person since I now live 3 continents away but I wish them all the happiness in world today and always.  One of my favourite photos of them together is on their wedding day and happens to be their only photograph on that day, it's completely romantic and totally soppy!

Check out my Mum's mini dress

The Coveteur

I recently stumbled across the fashion blog The Coveteur and immediately fell in love!  The women and men featured on this blog are inspirational and to be honest have the most desirable wardrobes ever!  After 1 minute on their blog I subscribed and have logged on daily ever since.  The blog design is classic and it's simplicity is refreshing.  Established by Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, and photographed by Jake Rosenberg, The Coveteur is one of my favourite blogs.  With each new post the duo styles I am constantly finding inspiration and kind of have a habit of staring at the photos for a very long time.  I think I might be obsessed.  One of their latest posts features a behind the scenes article, follow the link here to read it and check out the awesome behind the scenes photos.  They are always my favourite part of an expose.

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