Friday, April 01, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today, 41 years ago my parents married in a registry office in Melbourne, Australia.  My Mum had semi eloped with my Dad after she had an argument with her father who informed her the family was moving back to the USA where they had previously lived for many years.  My parents had only been dating a couple months and when they married it had only been 4 months!  Not to mention that my Dad asked my Mum out over the telephone without even meeting her and then proceeded to turn up at her house in black leather and on a motorcycle!  I'm surprised my Grandpa didn't lock her up!  However, romantic their love story was I am always shocked to remember that on their special day my Mum's family were in the USA and her maid of honour was actually my Dad's best friend!

I can't be there to celebrate another milestone with them in person since I now live 3 continents away but I wish them all the happiness in world today and always.  One of my favourite photos of them together is on their wedding day and happens to be their only photograph on that day, it's completely romantic and totally soppy!

Check out my Mum's mini dress


  1. Sounds like a very romantic movie story, how lovely! I like the photo its so cute, your father looks very handsome in his suit and your mother's skirt and outfit all together is very nice!

    im following you, I like how you write and your posts are nice:)

  2. Congratulations! That is so lovely. My parents are married for 24 now and I want them to be happy for million years :) I'm following you. If you want, you can follow me, too :)


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