Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spiders locked in a room?

I attended another one of my lectures classes this week at the V&A museum and it was quite a unique class in that we had multiple conservators from the V&A talk about their jobs and the work that is done to buy and restore pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes.  At the end of the lecture the conservator for the women's and mens collections brought out original 1950's Christian Dior and Givenchy gowns... fabulous!!  I was sitting towards the back of the class which is why the photos are so far away but as soon as I had the chance I sprinted forward to take some close ups.  They were divine!

It was just before the dresses were revealed that one of my fellow classmates, an older gentleman, described how he keeps his clothes free from insects- with spiders!  In his words, after much frustration trying to keep his clothes beautiful condition and constantly finding insects he purpose built a sealed room in his house with racks for clothing and then unleashed spiders in to the room.  Yes, you are reading this correctly and your astonishment mimics what the rest of my classes was at the time too!  I'm not sure the conservator knew how to deal with the revelation apart from saying that it would be hard to maintain within a museum.  His response was simply that with spiders there are never any other insects in his house. I'll leave it there for you to ponder.


Christian Dior 1950's

The CD boning

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