Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations to the Happy Couple!

I live in London and I can tell you that for the past month wedding fever has hit most Britons, including a older very patriotic woman whom I work with and this morning when I attended a meeting she was almost bursting with excitement.  Throughout the meeting the wedding was streamed on BBC 1 and all I could hear were cheers of joy and excitement, sometimes from my collegue!  Once finished we all gathered around the computer screen and watched Kate make her entrance in to Westminster Abbey and gracefully walk the 3 minutes down the aisle to her Prince.  When I saw her step from the Roles Royce Phantom and took in her entire wedding dress my heart melted- her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress is certainly one of the most spectacular wedding dresses I've seen and certainly reflects the spring summer trends of 2011 with it's Erdem inspired lace sleeves and Grace Kelly neckline.  Beautiful!

On another note I was completely taken with the transformation of Westminster Abbey.  The couples decision to incorporate live trees and chandeliers was a magnificent touch and made for some astonishing cinematography throughout the broadcast.  As I was typing up this post and watching the wedding from my living room I heard a rumble in the sky to look up out my window and watch the planes fly by after they had flown low over Buckingham Palace- what a treat! I wish the couple all the best and look forward to seeing much more of them!

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