Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unknown love

Valentines Day may have been last week but I think we all need a little romance every now and then so I'm continuing the love bug this week!  While in Budapest a couple weekends ago our walking tour guide brought us to this simple yet thoughtful sculpture along the Danube.  The statue of a young girl playing ball with her dog was created only a couple years ago by a local artist.  The artist whom our tour guide was acquainted with had heard the inspiration for the sculpture first hand and passed it on to us.  The artist had been walking the path along the Danube one summer day and saw this young girl with her dog, he was too shy and afraid to approach her but knew immediately it was love at first sight.  She left the path without knowing the artists feelings for her.  He walked the same area day after day hoping she would return, but she never did.  And so, the sculpture is his ode to her and to letting go.

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