Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Florence Broadhurst


Have you heard of Florence Broadhurst?  I had not until her name randomly appeared on the internet page I was looking at last week and intrigued I did a quick wiki search.   Those heavily in to interior design may know her name but as a layman I knew nothing about her eventful life.  Originally a performer in Australia, Florence moved to the UK, was married then divorced then married again and then moved back to Australia.  At this point Florence Broadhurst began painting landscapes and eventually established a Wallpaper Company which at the time was extremely unique.  A quickly successful venture, her collection contained some 800 designs in 80 different colours by 1972 however, it was only 5 years later that Broadhurst was the victim of murder and the case has never been solved.  Such a tragic story for a very talented lady.  Today you can find Florence Broadhurst's designs here.  

All images from here.
I am absolutely in love with all of the wallpaper designs from Florence Broadhurst (and this is only a taste) and can imagine one in every room of my house.  The first from the Blueprint Collection would offset my wardrobe beautifully while the pure opulence of the third wallpaper gives me shivers.  In the below set the second softer pastel and buttercup colour wallpaper would be delightful in a book alcove.  Heavenly!

All images from here.

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