Monday, January 30, 2012

The Amazing Karl

Net a Porter
The one and only Karl Lagerfeld has just launched his new clothing line on Net a Porter and it's amazing!  It's a small collection filled with the most fabulousness of Karl- glitter collars, leather gloves, crisp white shirts and an amazing sequin jacket that I am absolutely in love with.  The cut of the jacket is amazing and the vent on the back is a beautiful finish.  This jacket is exactly what I am looking for, if only I could splurge!  Net a Porter always do an amazing job at interacting with consumers and they have not failed this time.  To promote the collection, Net a Porter have created a video of Karl interviewing himself!  It is hilarious!  Karl's humour really shines through and I laughed the entire way!  


  1. Oh so do I! I wish I could afford it!

  2. Okay that black jacket is TO DIE FOR!!! :)

    1. It is spectacular isn't it?! If I ever friend a great tailor I'm going to show them this photo! X


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