Thursday, March 22, 2012

New York City- Day One!

5th Ave
Oh my feet.  I can not tell you how incredibly sore they are right now!  I wore ballet flats for my first day in the city and lasted only a few hours.  I don't know how New York women do it, actually yes I do, they either wear heels and catch taxis or they wear really comfy shoes and walk.  Unfortunately my budget is going to force me to buy a pair of comfortable shoes. Spring hasn't fully sprung in New York City yet but the Macy's flower show in 34th Street have some beautiful daffodils and blossoms out the front.

Times Square
Outside Macy's 
New York City library


  1. Toms... they are the comfy shoes you should get and they're only $40. They are part of the NYC uniform so you'll fit right in!

    Gorgeous shots, it's fun seeing NYC through your eyes!

  2. Toms it is then! Thanks for the tip :) I think you see different things when looking at some else's photos. x


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