Wednesday, June 08, 2011

She's here!!

It has been just over 10 days since I moved out of the house I called home for the past 9 months and in the mean time I have been living with a friend as her housemates are on holiday.  Come Monday next week I will have no home though!  Scary thought!  The only thing that is making me not think about my impending bed on the streets is the fact that my best friend from Australia moved to London 3 days ago!!!  I can not describe how incredible excited I am.  While at the airport waiting I actually got a little teary as I saw a little girl run up to her grand father when he exited immigration, and the thought crossed my mind that I might have to run up to my best friend!  It has been 18 months since I properly spent time with her (excluding the 7 days I spent in Melbourne in April for my grandmothers funeral) and to celebrate we jetted off to Spain for a few days.

Leaving the dreary London weather behind we touched down in Seville and have been exploring the city and indulging in tapas, sangria and gelati.  It's absolutely heavenly!  The feeling of being on holidays is like none other, exploring new cities and wandering little lanes and plaza's.  However, not speaking a work of Spanish has been a challenge so far and we have relented to the fact that we are going to order something on the menu that is completely foreign to us but, it all comes with travelling right?

Me, Kate, my best friend and Caitlin

All pictures taken by me, copyright.

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