Thursday, June 09, 2011

Little lovelies

Recently I made a short trip to my absolute favourite shoe shop in the world.  You would think it was Miu Miu, Manolo Blahnik or Louboutin but alas it is one of the smallest shops I have walked in to and is in a little arcade off the Vittorio Emmanuelle in Milan- Lolita Milano.  I have purchased countess ballet flats from them in butter soft leathers and non leathers too that always fit my wide feet perfectly.  My last visit was my third in 2 years and not because the shoes dont last but because I am truly addicted to them!  I bought 2 silver pairs alone on my last visit and a pair of gold and silver on the visit before.  If you ever tried these shoes on you would know exactly why I spend so much money there!

I was completely in love on my last visit with the glitter ballet flats, I had to have them... in two colours!  I turn in to a creature I don't recognise when I walk in to Lolita and a frenzy occurs as I try shoe after shoe and pick out just about every colour under the sun.

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