Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Walking down my road the other night after work my mind was off in another land, no doubt thinking about fabulous fashion items to buy and trips to exotic places to book, but I meaninglessly looked up and saw such a beautiful sight, especially for London!  The cherry blossoms on my street had started to bloom. Spring has come!  At this time last year I was still travelling the USA and hadn't yet reached my destination of Scotland (that's a long story) but as I recall spring last year was a late one.  The tree's and flowers didn't start to bud until May in Scotland so I was just a little surprised to see it in March, when it should be.  Now that brings me to something more concerning... I was surprised to see the buds in March.  Flowers and trees are supposed to come to life in March.  Has the world turned itself upside down that much with environmental erosion, waste and damage that we (or maybe just me) have come to expect the seasons to be different?  I am hoping that in my area of the world the damage hasn't been to disastrous and the flowers and trees still know when it's March and time to sprout.  Unfortunately, I don't think I can say the same the for rest of the world :(

The first night I saw the Cherry Blossoms bloom

A couple days later

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