Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Antique exploration....

For the past few weeks I have been attending a weekly course at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London one night a week and to be honest I'm becoming a little more and more obsessed every week.  It's called Vintage to Vogue... enough said.  I have a friend who would most definitely describe my personal style as preppy, but I maintain that's only because she's quite alternative and arty in the way she dresses so when you compare the two of us, yes I do stand out as the 'preppy' one.  Although, over the past few months of living in London and visiting markets on weekends- some of which have been spectacular  vintage markets- I have acquired a thirst and appreciation for the pre loved.  This leads me to share with you one of the most incredible small collections I have seen; Meg Andrews.  As apart of the V&A course we diverted our classroom to the living room of Meg Andrews an antique textiles dealer.  I was pretty much in awe as soon as stepped through the door way.  Her walls are lined with photographs, prints and framed textiles.  If I ever get the opportunity to collect the artefacts she has I would adorn my walls with them too!

Spools on the fireplace

Adorning the wall

Meg's amazing stair well of treasures
As we worked through her collection we saw ancient shoes from the Asian cultures, scarves from World War I and II and even a pair of Queen Victoria's drawers!  We only spent one hour in her home before moving on for the next group to experience her amazing treasures but from all of her collection I was enamoured with a painting in her bathroom.  It was a renaissance classic and proudly glared down at the bathtub centred in the room.  It's on my list of things to collect!

Queen Victoria's drawers

A pair of dresses from a wedding

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