Monday, October 22, 2012

Roxy and Made Goods

By now we can safely assume that I am obsessed with Society Social and Roxy (it's founder) also has a blog called My Cup of Te.  This week I was absolutely dumbfounded when I read her post on Made Goods.  I wasn't previously aware of Made Goods but I can tell you I have only visited their site once to be able to share the link and I will never browse their products or encourage anyone else to do so.  If you haven't read Roxy's post  about her brothers experience with one of the founders you really should!  As someone who studied for a degree in business/ marketing with a major focus on retail, in addition to working within the retail industry for close to 12 years my jaw dropped while reading this post.  I hope Made Goods track their website address or name in Google alert and are seriously reflecting on the damage done by one individual, let alone a founder.    

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