Thursday, June 21, 2012

Travel Postcards: Brighton, England

Brighton Lanes
While on a whirlwind trip to London a few weeks ago I boarded a train to Brighton on the south coast for a day of cool air, sunshine and of course shopping!  Many friends had told me the vintage delights to be had in Brighton and they were not wrong.  I had a pre booked ticket and had allocated myself a few hours in Brighton, knowing that I am not fond of the beach (very un- Australian of me I know) I wanted to concentrate on the village centre.

The Lanes of Brighton are just beautiful and I was slightly overwhelmed by the choice of vintage stores.  Seriously, you have to go there if you are a keen vintage addict or thrifter, it was heavenly!  The streets are colourful and cafes line The Lanes in abundance, it reminded me of Australia and the outdoor lifestyle there.  I haven't really seen a city or town in Europe with as many as Brighton.  I may have bought some delightful tea cups and saucers from one of the vintage stores too, I just couldn't help myself!  It was called Snoopers Attic and was filled with booths and booths of vintage.  Just about everything you could imagine.


  1. Those dresses are lovely... Bring to mind afternoon tea parties and formal dance evenings when the boys had to fill out your dance card for a chance to twirl you around the floor!

    1. Oh My gosh, yes! How amazing it would have been to wear a dress like that to one of those evenings!


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