Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day


How delicious does that roast potato look?  It is a really windy and chilly day in Melbourne and I'm craving comfort food.  I've now got this in mind to cook for dinner.  Yum!  

On another note, I experienced my first earthquake yesterday in Melbourne.  A 5.3 earthquake rocked most of the state last night just before 9pm as I was on the couch watching TV with my Dad, I felt a little rumble and thought I was imagining things then the entire house started to shake.  Dad commented that the wind was really strong but we both jumped up and opened the window and the night was perfectly still.  I have to say that within minutes Facebook and Twitter were on fire!  It took the news over 45 mins to make the first report and by the time they did I had already learnt the same information from Twitter. Crazy.


  1. I heard about that - was glad to hear there wasn't any damage. Crazy isn't it how quickly social media gets news around... The days of tv news are numbered I think!

    1. I seriously learnt more on Twitter than I did the news, it was unbelievable!


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