Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Travel Postcards: Ireland

Over the Easter weekend 3 of my friends and I flew in to Dublin, rented a car and began a glorious 4 day road trip around Republic of Ireland.  We spent Good Friday in Dublin doing a walking tour, drove to a seaside village called Tramore for an overnight stop then carried on to Cork where everyone wore tracksuit pants no matter the occasion, then we finished with a farm stay at a B&B in Killarney.  I must say that The Ring of Kerry and Kilarney were my favourite spots out of the 4 cities we visited.  

The Ring of Kerry is a driving route and covers spectacular sights, gorges and sea views.  It was pouring down rain the day of our trip so we made dashes to the sightseeing spots and then back to the car but had a brilliant lunch at a small restaurant and shop called Avoca.  There were a couple Avoca stores that we passed throughout the weekend and if you are ever in Ireland you have to have lunch at one.  The food was delicious!  The Avoca shops also sell alot of products from their woollen mills and if I had the room in my carry on I would have bought one of their fabulous throws.

The Avoca Blankets
Ballymoloe House
The Ring of Kerry and rainbow

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