Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Fashion Museum in Bath

I found this post saved as a draft and although it's not very good blogging to post something so old I posted it today so that you could see the beautiful wedding gowns.  It was interesting for me to see the photos again as so often you take the photos and then don't look at them again!  

I had been dying to visit the Fashion Museum in Bath since I attended the Vintage to Vogue course at the V&A museum and the curator of the Fifties Frocks exhibition came to talk.  I wish I had of seen the beautiful 50's dresses in the exhibition, but I did buy the book from the shop!  There was a particular part of the museum where you could walk era by era and view how the museum store all of their products.  Not only was it informative on the fashion in each decades but also interesting to see the extent of the collection and how it is cared for.  At the time their main exhibition was on wedding dresses following on from the Royal Wedding in April and their current exhibition shows the costumes worn by celebrities in films.

The oldest dress in their collection

It was so difficult to walk!

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