Monday, September 26, 2011

A little surprise made my day

From google images

Yesterday I was walking home from the bus stop and turned the corner off the high street and as I crossed the road to my driveway two little boys ran beside me and up to the main road.  A voice shouted out to them to be careful and stop and as I looked up I saw a familiar face... Colin Firth!  Last Wednesday I went to see Tinker Taylor Solider Spy and then yesterday I was standing in my street next to Colin Firth!  And yes an exclamation mark is needed every time I say Colin Firth! because he is just that exciting!  If by any chance his assistant has a Google Alert on his name and they're reading this, please tell Mr Firth that he made my day :)

From google images


  1. I'm incredibly jealous! You got to see Colin!


  2. One word: jealous.

    xo Emily


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