Saturday, July 09, 2011

She's a muse

Literally as I write this I have just sat on bed and turned my computer on and I keep thinking that every time I work with a particular colleague... lets call her Carrie... I always feel inspired and a little touched.  Today was such a long day at work and when we finished Carrie and I caught the tube in the same direction and nattered about random things until I asked her about her Masters degree and thesis.  As soon as she described the topic and spoke about it I was in awe.  She was so passionate about it and although we have had multiple conversations about art and history this particular one has affected me a little more, namely because I have some BIG life decisions to make.  I doubt highly she will read this but I am going to have to tell her one day soon how much of an impact she has to my days at work.  I am so glad I moved to London and met her!

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