Saturday, May 07, 2011

Cows, Cider and Countryside

It may be a little late to post this but... Easter was a lovely long weekend spent in Normandy sampling the three C’s- Cow, Cider and Countryside.  Four friends and I drove early on Good Friday to Dover and boarded a ferry to Calais, France where we then drove to a small little village in the middle of the French countryside to spend a weekend indulging in our favourite things.  Along the way we visited Rouen which was delightful and even provided me with a new vintage dress to wear to an event this summer in London.  All for a bargain price of 12 euros! 

Our little cottage was set amongst the orchards of a grand manor property and was even kitted out with board games for quiet nights in.  Our Saturday was filled with grazing the local markets in Honfluer and St Pierre Dives before taking home a trunk load of cheeses, breads and wine for a little garden feast.  It was truly divine!  I’m a bit of a fan of jams and chutneys and found a delicious fig jam at a market store in Honfleur.  With some camembert, fresh loaves of break and sliced pear it was heavenly! 

One of the things I was looking forward to the most was visiting Mont Saint Michel, the island is not without its tourist hot spots but the winding lane to the top of the cathedral is worth the trollop up to see the view.  We never quite made it inside the abbey as it closed before we reached it but standing out looking over the sand plains before the tide came in was a once in a lifetime.


Fields of yellow everywhere

Yum yum

Farmers markets were heaven

Look how red they are!

Let's not mention the empty bottles

One of my favourite stops along the way

Mont Saint Michel

The Manor house built in the 17th century

This church dates to 1066- the inside is a history book
Inside the Church

All photos taken by me

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