Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blinding Brights

While in Milan over the long weekend I spent about an hour wandering the 4 storey Zara in awe.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the clothes.  In London I don’t normally visit Zara because I find their sizing on the small size and never really want to invest in something that’s a little tight.  For some reason though every time I’m away from London and I see a Zara I have a compulsive urge to walk in.  I know they will have the same stock as the London stores but my mind tells me just to go in anyway… it might be different this time.  Well the sizing hasn’t changed but I wanted just about every piece I touched.  Coral slouchy blazers, star printed tops, full length iridescent skirts, two tone clutches, puffy fluro skirts… there are too many things to name!  I had to tame myself and only took 3 things to the change room in hope, alas the fit was still the same but oversized slouchy blazer might be a winner!  Unfortunately I didn’t plan on buying clothes and was not wearing my trusty shopping outfit- jeans, ballet flats and a t shirt.  Somehow trying to imagine the blazer over super tight leggings just wasn’t working for me so when I’m suitably dressed I will venture in to a Zara store in London and try the blazer again.

I LOVE that full length skirt

See that oversized clutch in the middle.... you know it!

I want all of those belts!
You may see this added to my wardrobe soon

Gorgeous but too small

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