Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday my laptop was having melt down so I took it along to the Apple store where the technician said he would have to re-imagine my hard drive which meant I would lose everything that was not backed up.  Thank goodness I had recently backed up all of my photos, but all of my music, emails and email folders and my internet bookmarks are lost forever.  It seems ridiculous but so much time and effort went in to collecting a library of bookmarks for a range of different things and I think I'm mourning the loss of them.  I can't even remember what 99% of them were but they had some relevance otherwise I wouldn't have saved them.  At the same time as I'm feeling a little lost and depressed about losing all my files I have to wonder how reliant I have become on the internet and technology.  The internet consumes so much of my time throughout the day and between my mobile and laptop I must spend hours a day looking at a screen.  It's a scary thought really.

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