Friday, July 20, 2012

On my shopping list

Well actually it's no longer on my shopping list because it's in the living room!  When I returned to Australia from London I had a "What was I thinking moment?" when I walked in to my living room, actually my entire house.  For some reason all those years ago I had a thing for brown and I swear it was my mum who advised me to go brown when we were picking out furniture together, however she recalls differently and says that I would accept nothing but brown.  Alot has changed since then!  

So in an effort to lighten up my living room furniture and provide that awesome pop of colour I'm so dying to see I bought an incredibly bright floral rug from PB Teen.  Now I know it's meant to be a 'teen' website but to be honest they have really fun stuff and I searched everywhere in Melbourne for a decent floral rug but as I have been experiencing since I returned, Australia is just a little behind the eight ball.  I must have ventured in to a dozen rug stores looking for a chevron, zig zag or floral rug and all I saw were traditional persian rugs or bland colours in circles.  My first choice was actually a rug from Anthrologie but the reviews I read said the rug pulled because of the looped yarns and Anthropologie don't ship internationally.    PB Teen on the other hand had 50% off international shipping and it was less than a week from the day I placed the order to delivery!

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