Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Movie Magic

I love films, their character, the sets, the costume design and the escapism.  While at the gym the other day I watched Mirror Mirror on my iPad (a fabulous way to kill the calories without even noticing it) and was enamoured with the set design and costumes in the film.  Yes, it is a completely over the top, whimsical movie about Snow White but that's exactly what enthralled me with the costumes too.  My two favourite costumes were both from the same scene and both have elaborate head dress!  

I just absolutely adore the peacock head piece Julia Robert's is wearing, it's so regal and somehow flattering too!

Don't you just love the puff balls in pastel pink hanging below the chandeliers?  Or the fact that everyone is in the same shade of eggshell and the Queen is in red above.

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  1. I just watched this on the weekend and like you, loved the costumes. the movie was whimsical and cute... am sure I'll be watching it again!


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