Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Vogue Festival Continued...

Following Dolce and Gabanna on the Friday afternoon were Anne Robinson, Pixie Geldof, Eddie Campbell, Laura Bailey and Mary Portas debating the topic Too Young?  Too Old?  Does fashion have an age limit?  I was thrilled to be seeing Mart Portas on stage as she is the ultimate retail queen and has been dubbed so for many a year now although I was unfamiliar with Laura Bailey and Anne Robinson.  Eddie Campbell I had seen in modelling campaigns and Pixie Geldof of course graces the tabloid and fashion magazines in the UK.  It was particularly a two sided debate in the end between Anne and Mary, although Pixie did contribute to the discussion.  I was a little shocked at Eddie's demeanour and all round presentation.  She looked as though she had just rolled out of bed and had a sour expression fixed on her face for the entire hour.  When Lisa Armstrong the mediator posed a question to her the resulting answers were never more than a few sentences.  Interestingly, Eddie and Pixie are both 21 years old and yet Pixie articulated her thoughts beautifully and on point, it was a real contrast!

Eddie Campbell and Laura Bailey
Laura Bailey, Mary Portas and Lisa Armstrong
Pixie Geldof 

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