Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New York City- The Final Tour

My final days in New York City were just incredible, I was lucky enough to get super cheap tickets to Broadway and saw Jersey Boys on my final night.  I walked through Central Park daily taking photos of the glorious blossoms and I visited the Frick Collection for the first time.  I was in awe the entire time I was there and fell in love all over again with Renior.  It seems unimaginable to me that such a beautiful mansion could reside virtually on Central Park and contain some of the most inspiring art works in the world.  The decor is incredible but unfortunately you are not able to take photographs.  I have a mental note of everything though!  In the shuttle on the way to the airport I saw a lady riding her bicycle with a riding helmet on and balancing long poles over her shoulder, in New York City traffic!  Crazy! 

The entrance at the Frick Collection

In a riding helmet carrying poles in NYC traffic.  Crazy.

5th Ave


  1. I have so enjoyed seeing NYC through your eyes! Shamefully, I haven't been to the Frick yet, but your photo and description have inspired me to go... very soon!

    1. Thanks! I love New York, you're so lucky to live there! Oh do see the Frick, its quaint and majestic at the same time. x


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