Tuesday, March 06, 2012

How to: Rid Static Cling

Still from Because I Said So

Whenever my Mum and I get some down time together (which hasn't happened a lot in the past 2 years since I live on the other side of the world) we try and watch Because I Said So.  One of my favourite scenes from the movie is when Mandy Moore and Gabriel Macht's characters meet and 'Johnny' says to 'Milly'- "Even before I met you I had an instinct about you.  Once I saw you were a woman with profound static cling I wanted to be that force around you".  Yep, totally cheesy but so adorable.  

Anyway, today I was a woman of profound static cling, terrible profound static cling.  I was wearing one of my favourite vintage dresses made of polyester and my everyday leggings, also made of polyester and the result was me constantly pulling at my dress.  I have been investigating and I am going to try the following to fix my profound static cling!

Still from Because I Said So

1. Get an anti static dryer sheet and rub along the inside of the dress from the hem upwards.
2. Apply moisturising lotion to the affected area ie: your legs!
3. Use talcum powder on the affected area before dressing
4. Buy Anti Static Spray
5. Pin a safety pin to the inside of the hem 

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