Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anthropologie - Colour and Print

I love travelling America.  I absolutely love it.  One of my favourite things to do in a city is to shop and not just shop for shoppings sake but I love to take in every store and the way they merchandise, the aesthetic and atmosphere and the staff too.  It stems from my degrees in Psychology and Fashion and Textiles and has sort of become an obsession.  Thank goodness for Iphone's because I would look like a really crazy person pulling out a massive SLR camera in every shop!  This trip I have become a little more obsessed with Anthropologie as every time I walk in to their stores I feel a sense of calm wash over me and I immediately get the Iphone out to start snapping away.  I find their stores full of inspiration and creative finds and walk away refreshed, ready to begin a new project.  This video has the same effect on me, and I have added a new flea market to visit- Brimfield.  You'll see why! 


  1. I LOVE anthropologie - they are the most genius merchandisers ever. I can spend hours in there wandering around and experiencing everything...

    hope you enjoyed your (next) cupcake! And if you like pizza, try Keste on Bleecker St - it's delicious and delightfully italian.

    1. Oh I only have one more day in NYC but will put the pizza place on the list for next time!


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