Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pot Pourri, Venice

While walking back from dinner one night in Venice I came across a store called Pot Purri, with delightful windows and what caught my eye in particular was their use of windows for merchandising on the canal.  While the front of the store was on a street there was also a canal to the side where 3 windows were elegantly merchandised and they even had steps in to the store for those arriving by boat!  Have a look at the photos I snapped at night and in particular look at the photo of the broom (fourth down).  What a clever place to merchandise a broom because if you think about it, don't we normally keep something like a broom out of the way but behind a pantry or laundry door for easy access?

The broom behind the entrance... clever
Beside the canal with steps for those in boats!

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