Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hanging Hermes

I found this photo on Pinterest and typically can't find it anymore.  Luckily Shelly used the same picture in her blog about framed scarves and also had a couple others to share.  I love this idea!  I'm a big picture and poster framing girl and my house in Australia is covered with photos I've taken on trips abroad or my favourite renaissance paintings from some incredible galleries around the world.  As a fashion lover also this is a fabulous way to incorporate a little of my favourite brands or vintage scarves in to my home.

Here's the How To:
Get yourself a frame, a backing board such as thin foam, pliers and some small headed pins.  Firstly you will need to iron your scarf and make sure to pay attention to the level of heat applied as scarves are commonly made from silk and a high heat will destroy your scarf!  Once ironed use the pliers to snap in half 4 pins so that they will fit the width of the backing board.  Carefully lay your scarf on the backing board and pin the corners down, insert in to the frame and close up the back.  Now you're ready to hang!

All photos from Shelly

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  1. such a good idea ! I love Hermès !!
    have you seen my latest post ?


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