Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vogue October's Past and Present

I read magazines like they're going out of fashion (pardon the pun) and Vogue is one of my favourites, along with Elle, Architectural Digest and basically any travel magazine .  When the September Issue came out a couple years ago I was virtually at the cinema for the first showing that day to see Anna Wintour at her best.  Im fascinated by magazine covers and their impact on women, here are a selection of Vogue October covers from 2011 all the way back to 1969.  There are many familiar faces but I think my favourite is Gwyneth or the cover from 1969.  What's your favourite?

Left to Right
1-2011, 2-2009, 3-2002, 4- 2006
5-2008, 6-1969, 7-2004,  8-1989

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