Monday, September 05, 2011

Beautiful Brugge

A friend and I recently ventured under the channel to Belgium to indulge in waffles, chips and mayonnaise and chocolates!  It was utterly divine!  I think I may have eaten enough chocolate to last a lifetime but in such a beautiful city it was a must.  We packed alot of sightseeing in to 36 hours and somehow made our train back to London by only 3 minutes.

You know there is sometimes a scene in movies where you're watching an actress or actor run through a train station, twist and turn looking for the right platform, ask someone for help and sprint in the direction they point you to?  Well this exact scene was my friend and I in the Brussels train station.  Not at all lady like in a dress with an unattractive backpack on but nonetheless it was required!  I literally felt like I was in a movie as we reached the ticket desk and waited while the attendants were lazily chatting away and once they had finished there conversation only then offered to process our tickets. Upon reaching Belgium customs waiting to have my passport stamped I thought we had made it, yet I was wrong.  Security proved to be the next challenge as we whipped our packs off and threw our jackets in trays and as soon I finally had everything back on my back we reached UK customs.  I was literally breaking out just thinking about missing the train!  Of course we had to fill in a landing card as we are both non UK citizens... add another minute of freaking out and writing so quickly my handwriting was not legible whatsoever then actually being questioned about our intentions upon entering the UK.  Seriously man, the train is about to leave!  Once that UK stamp was in the passport we sprinted up the escalators to the train with no one in sight... they were seated and comfortable of course!  As I boarded the train the clock had 3 minutes until departure and that has certainly been the closest I have ever come to missing my ticket!

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  1. I love Brugge !

    have you seen my new look?


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