Sunday, August 14, 2011

Topshop Melbourne... Look out!

The wait is finally over!  With the arrival of Zara in Sydney and then Melbourne earlier this year, Topshop is going to launch their brand in Melbourne!  Woooo!!  I'm originally from Melbourne and on the phone this morning to my Mum (who still lives there) she mentioned that in the newspaper there was an article about Topshop coming to Melbourne.  I was over the moon!  

Although, however fabulous it might be for the consumer that Topshop is landing in Australia I wonder what local retailers think of their new competition?  As a season behind America and Europe retail buyers frequently make buying trips to New York, London and Paris to source 'inspiration' for their own private brand labels.  As such they are able to translate the trends from overseas in to suitable products for the Australian market... with a 6 month lead time.  Now that Zara and Topshop (two of their largest sources of inspiration) have landed on their doorstep and will certainly air freight goods in to store how are they going to compete?

Check out the article in The Australia newspaper here.

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