Monday, March 28, 2011

Amsterdam is all its glory

This past weekend I flew to Amsterdam to visit a college friend and although the trip was only for 2 days it was wonderful to explore Amsterdam with a local!  As I had a personal tour guide so getting around was easy and Steph even kindly followed me around all the vintage stores we could find.  I had to laugh though, as I was trawling through a rack of cardigans and Steph blurted out that her mother told her never to wear someone else's clothes! Here I was exclaiming with excitement over the treasures to be found and Steph had not said a thing until the last vintage store about her lack of interest in vintage.  What a true friend!

Other than shopping we visited a flower garden which was absolutely beautiful and I was suffering from colour over stimulation from the abundance of tulips and other flowers.  I couldn't leave Holland without taking a photo of a tulip... I may have taken 100 in the end though!

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